I encourage everyone to check out this podcast! This podcast led me to an amazing team of doctors and has changed my life. I am finally on a path to healing after struggling and living in and out of a wheelchair/walker/cane for over five years. I’m getting my life back. Who would have thought a podcast could be the catalyst for all that change? Give it a listen!
— Stephanie
Thank you so much for this podcast. I have had Vulvodynia since 2014. I have seen so many medical providers, but yet learned more in your podcast with Stephanie Prendergast than all of my years of visits. I feel positive finally and am in pelvic floor PT for the second time and am having a huge reduction in symptoms. I am so grateful to have found you.
— Lmac682
Loving this podcast. Women’s pelvic pain is definitely a topic that needs more awareness and that everyone should be more educated on. Thank you so much Hannah for starting and hosting this podcast—you’re amazing!
— liaaacl
Hannah is so brave. This podcast is finally the answer to so many people’s questions. The physicians and healthcare providers are experts in their field and if you are lost in a pelvic floor dysfunction rut, this will give you answers. ❤️
— RaeM1031
This podcast has helped me so much!!! I’ve been having sooo many pelvic floor symptoms for 3 months and had no idea what was wrong with me. This podcast has been life changing to help me understand what’s going on AND know what to do about it! It’s saving me the years many have endured without knowing. Hannah, you are wonderful and do such a great job with each episode. They are real, specific and cover a great variety of topics. I’m grateful to you for creating such a perfect resource.
— katie 415