Episode #44: What Is A Midwife? With Chloë Lubell, A Certified Nurse Midwife


In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Health Podcast, I am joined by Chloe Lubell, a white, pansexual Certified Nurse Midwife and RN who currently works at Central Park Midwifery. The mission within the work that Chloe does is in promoting respectful care for cis women, non-binary folks, and trans men and women. Chloe loves to talk about bodies, sex, healthcare, pregnancy, adoption, abortion and birth control. In this episode of the podcast we dive into topics specifically focused around what a midwife is, the differences between midwives, duolas and obgyns and the advantages that midwives who work out of hospitals have.

We also explore the topic of episiotomies; why they are so prevalent in western medicine, but also why they are most often, not even necessary. In fact, out of the 450 births that Chloe has facilitated, she has only had to do an episiotomy for "one and a half" of them. You may be wondering how this is possible... Listen to the episode to find out! Did you know that episiotomies and tearing also have an effect on the pelvic floor muscles? We talk about this as well. There are some ways of pushing the baby out that puts less pressure on your pelvic pelvic floor, in addition to breathing exercises and stretches you can do at home in order to prepare for delivery.

If you are pregnant or soon to be pregnant, or already a mom, please give this episode a listen. Chloe is incredibly thoughtful, compassionate and wise and it is fascinating to hear how she guides women through the entire pregnancy journey, from conception to birth.

Thank you for listening and I wish all of you health, healing and happiness.

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