Episode #42: Understanding The Role Of Cosmetic Gynecology; Labiaplasty & Radiofrequency Explained


In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Health Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Troy Robin Hailparn, one of the first trained female board certified OBGYN'S in the USA in cosmetic gynecology. Dr. Hailparn educates us on the issue that women with larger labias may have, such as discomfort, irritation, fear and insecurities. She explains what a Labiaplasty is, why women would get one and how you can find the best doctor to perform one. In addition, Dr. Hailparn explains what Radio-frequency is; a non-surgical way to help with pelvic floor issues related to childbirth. This is a fascinating episode with a doctor who shares a passion for educating women about issues that often aren’t discussed, such as painful sex, extra labial skin that gets in the way, the impact of childbirth on a women's sexual function and more.

Thank you for listening and I wish all of you health, healing and happiness.

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