Episode #26: Reincorporating Sexual Pleasure with Sex & Relationship Therapist Dr. Erica Marchand


In this episode of the Women's Pelvic Health Podcast we are joined by Dr. Erica Marchand, a Los Angeles based Sex & Relationship therapist. The conversation of this episode is focused around sexual pleasure and how pleasure can be brought back into your life after experiencing any sort of trauma or chronic pain. We also discuss other interesting topics such as body image issues, the reframing technique, cultural biases surrounding sex, how to communicate your needs and wants to your partner AND the incredible online orgasm course she just launched!! Please give this episode a five star rating and leave a comment in the iTunes podcast app!

Get in touch with Dr. Marchand:
website: www.drericamarchand.com/
Insta: @hertherapysecrets
Facebook: @Drericamarchand
Twitter: @sextherapytoday

Orgasm Quiz/Course:

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Come As You Are by Emily Nagowski:

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