Episode #25: Jenneh Bockari, Thoracic Endometriosis Journey and Co-Founder of The Endo Co.


In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Health Podcast we are joined by Jenneh Bockari, a registered nurse and the co-founder of the Endometriosis Coalition. Jenneh shares her personal journey with Thoracic endometriosis (a rare form of endometriosis that invades the chest cavity)in addition to how she founded the Endo Co, a platform that raises awareness, promotes reliable education and increases research funding for Endometriosis.

Get in touch with Jenneh:
instagram: @lifeabove_endo
website: theendo.co/

Recommended resources:
Nancy's Nook: www.facebook.com/groups/418136991574617/
The Center for Endometriosis Care: centerforendo.com/


Thank you for listening and I wish all of you health, healing and happiness.

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