Episode #22: Botox for Pelvic Pain - Navigating Insurance Coverage and Complexities


In this episode of The Women's Pelvic Pain Podcast we are joined by a pelvic pain patient herself, Li Boynton, who not only discusses how botox tremendously helped her pelvic pain symptoms, but also how to navigate the complex process of getting botox covered by your insurance along with different programs that can help patients to cover the cost of botox.

Li majored in biomedical engineering at Yale and works in Healthcare Finance at JP Morgan asset management, covering therapeutic stocks, such as pharma and biotech, including allergen who manufactures and produces botox. Throughout her career, she has developed a close relationship with the head of R&D at Allergan and shares with us what she has learned through conversations with him, in regards to the use of botox for pelvic pain and the future plans that Allergan has to get botox FDA approved for pelvic pain specifically.

The two programs that Allergan has to help lower patients out of pocket costs are:

1. The Botox Savings Program - can be used by anyone regardless of age, income status, insurance, etc. The claim has to be approved by your insurance. This program is funded by Allergan.
2. Botox Patient Assistance Program - This is for uninsured and low income individuals who want to use the treatment of botox but can’t afford the out of pocket costs. You have to make under a certain income bracket to be approved and this is also funded by Allergan.

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