About Hannah


Hannah is a certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach who uses fundamental lifestyle practices in the areas of diet, exercise, relationships, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, in order to help her clients live their healthiest and happiest lives, while looking and feeling their absolute best. The integrative approach she uses allows her to addresses the root cause of her clients' health challenges and guide them in a holistic healing journey, addressing all areas of life and making sustainable changes that they can carry with them forever. 

Wether you have suffered from years of fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation, or constipation, or if you just need some simple guidance and accountability to fast track your wellness journey, Hannah has the answers for you. 

No one should have to live feeling anything less than 100%. Your health is everything. The way you feel each and every day has the greatest impact on your attitude, energy and outlook on life. The better you feel, the happier you are. It’s simple. With small day-to-day changes, Hannah can help empower you to become the most radiant version of yourself.

Hannah is also the founder of The Women's Pelvic Pain Podcast. After suffering from years of pelvic pain, she decided it was time to advocate for this silenced issue that one in three woman suffer from. The Podcast has guests ranging from health practitioners, holistic healers, nutrition experts and fitness gurus, in addition to people who suffer from chronic pelvic pain themselves, sharing their stories and spreading awareness. The Women's Pelvic Pain Podcast has become the #1 source of uncensored information on women's pelvic health.

A note from Hannah....

"My life has not always been filled with good health. With problems ranging from chronic pelvic pain, to PCOS, to adrenal fatigue, to systemic candida, to horrible bloating and constipation, I am all too familiar with knowing what it's like to feel like absolute sh*t... However, I was able to solve the majority of these problems through lifestyle and dietary changes. Sometimes I feel as if I am a human guinea pig; I have tried and tested more dietary fads, supplements, herbs and natural remedies than imaginable and have been to just about every doctor there is to. However, my personal experimentation and healing journey has led me to learn and understand the most effective and sustainable ways to maintain optimal and long term health that are simple, affordable and enjoyable. With this knowledge and experience, I can promise to help you heal your body and take back your health, once and for all."